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Natasha Riley-Noah

“I love spending time making myself better to serve the people in this world I admire most.”


Harvey, LA United States

Professional title:

Enrolled Agent (IRS licensed Tax Advisor). Overly Enthused Trainer and Writer, and the Founder of Pro Unum Solutions, a Small business tax service firm

What do you do?

I give overwhelmed business owners their lives back by managing their money and paper mess and teaching them how to handle the IRS. 


I love helping small business owners become audit confident and getting mundane chaos out of their way so that they can do their thing. Oh and I am revolutionizing small business accounting workflows with awesomeness that make tax agencies leave them alone. I love teaching, writing for and serving this crowd. (Yeah, that covers it.)

What should we read?

So many, but the last one that I enjoyed was: Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson (...just a really fun and insightful read)


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