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Mark Dooley

“I have always gravitated toward music as far back as I can remember. I have always been interested in technology. So...I evolved into a 21st century bluesman, that also plays that other stuff.”


Monroe, LA United States of America

Professional title:

Musician – Mark Alan Dooley. Fearless Leader – Mad Social Media. Mastering Engineer – Mad Master Sound. Director – Mad Gallery.

What do you do?

Freelance Technology Geek – “Because I'm too old to camp in vans and eat beans, besides that I'm a grand dad now”


Others have said it better than me: “Beautiful compositions meet stunning visual art. Mark is a modern renaissance man you need to keep up with if you're interested in music as an art form.” - - @truefiretv. Or I came up with this: Retro Jazz Rock Alternative Blues Pop Guitarist in 3D, weird but cool, freaky but fluffy, not naughty, not nice. The other is better eh?

What should we read?

I've recorded 665 songs as of this writing. As awesome as music is for me, it's not too late to change gears in life and prepare for an interesting and different future. I decided to finally finish college in my 50's and take it as far as I can.