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Maria Erving

“Whatever epiphany or insights I have today always gets 'replaced' with new ones tomorrow so I can't really point to anyone specific. I'm constantly getting them :)”


Malaga, Spain

Professional title:

Transformational Coach and Teacher. I work on a level of consciousness (creating and facilitating mindshifts) and energy (clearing blockages and raising vibrational frequency). Reality isn’t something we just see and experience with our senses; it’s something we create and attract with our consciousness and energy. Your energy and consciousness decides your future and flow, and working with me helps create shifts in your consciousness and energy that allows transformation to happen. Anything can be changed and created, your mind and your energy are powerful things and by utilizing them right you can achieve anything you want.

What do you do?

I work with people who want a fabulous, blessed life and are ready to take their lives to the next level. A shift in consciousness and energy will make that happen.


I never thought I would do exactly what I do, it just naturally unfolded as I followed my gut and heart. This is what I'm born to do, although there's plenty more to come as I'm always going to grow and become even more of who I am (which is a limitless being).

What should we read?

I don't give book recommendations.


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