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Ian Brodie

“Weirdly, I've found asking myself the same question twice is helpful. The first time you tend to give yourself the same answer you've always given yourself. And then if you aks "no really..." and repeat the question, you tend to go deeper.”


Sunny Handforth, England, United Kingdom

Professional title:

★ Author of Email Persuasion. Host of Course Builders TV. (Still) King of Lockdown Hair. Grower of exotic chillies ★

What do you do?

I teach consultants, coaches and trainers how to market their services and courses - with a special focus on email marketing.


Learning how to market and sell my services was what helped me break free of endless travel, long working hours and boring projects. I've found that writing and teaching is the best way for me to help others do the same - and unleash an ocean of untapped talent locked away in small firms and solo professionals.

What should we read?

Right Ho Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse