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Dominik Tujmer

“Despite not believing in the advice of "following your passion", I have recently come to a place where all my childhood passions are again in my focus. From this perspective, it really does seem that I've always kind of known exactly what I wanted to do. Weird.”


Zagreb, Croatia

Professional title:

Translator, language teacher (swe, eng, cro, fr) (currently retraining in programming)

What do you do?

Apprentice rationalist, mover, journeying Zen monk, book reader and life optimizer.


There is great potential in humans, but also great danger before us. I want to live forever, witness the colonisation of galaxies, find out everything that can be found out, and so I do my part in leading humanity to a place where a good future can unfold. Tl;dr: I try to work on global priorities (AI, death, EA etc.)

What should we read?

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Eliezer Yudkowsky