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Ryan P. Flynn

“"The map is not the territory," as the philosopher/scientist, Alfred Korzybski said. I'm thinking about this specifically as it applies to language and information. The things we say, and the ways we communicate information are all only abstractions of the things themselves. If we could realize the inherent incompleteness of our transmissions, we could quell so many of our current frustrations and hostilities. Often times, we're arguing only about language; the map is not the territory.”


Seattle, WA United States

Professional title:

I am a business analyst and supply chain consultant. I have worked with some of the larger retail and eCommerce companies in the Pacific Northwest including, Microsoft, and Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI).

What do you do?

I help companies optimize their supply chains and get the most out of their technology and vendor relationships.


I enjoy working with large organizations and have a knack for strategic thinking. I like being in the heart of business operations and understanding them at a fundamental level. I like to get my hands dirty, learning, programming and using the latest technology.

What should we read?

See for a complete list of recommended books. Or to a post I put together called, "The Preeminent Books That Have Shaped My Life," for an abridged list.


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