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Joe Trey

“When my daughter was 4 she said to me, Daddy, I Don't Want to Go Anywhere . . . I Want to Go Somewhere! That profound toddle knowledge changed my life! I occasionally, alter it to Don't Do Anything, Do Something! But, the spirit is the same.”


Aurora, Colorado, United States of America

Professional title:

CEO at Discovering Your Compass Adventure Motorcycle Photo Journalist 4 Stringed Guitar Player

What do you do?

I share stories in order to help people get inspired and discover themselves.


I want desperately to connect with a diverse group of people in order to fully understand this great big rock that we all share! I am filled with questions –  the best of which are those that I don't know the answer to . . . yet!

What should we read?

Illusions by Richard Bach. Ghost Rider and also The Masked Rider by Neil Peart. The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna JOB: A Comedy of Justice By Robert A Heinlein