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Keith Richie

“It is a real challenge to stay focused and keep working towards a real career in music. I have to put in numerous hours during my day job, which limits my time to apply to my music side of things. However, I know it will take a long and challenging time before I can reverse the roles and my music be the primary income maker for me. I just have to remember to never give up. The audience will find me.”


Mesquite, TX United States of America

Professional title:

Microsoft SharePoint Architect and Developer. Musician with a Global Music Award winning album titled "Ambient Highways".

What do you do?

I strive to bring peace and entertainment to everyone through my music.


I love the creativity that music allows me to utilize. As far as I can remember, I find it amazing how something can play with your emotions so well. It can also be a rewarding challenge to take a idea in your head and try to express it through music. It almost never turns out like I first intended, but the end result is very satisfying. The same principles apply to my software development endevours.

What should we read?

"Liliths Brood" by Octavia Butler: An amazing original story when I first read it, and a pleasure to read numerous times.