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Graham Allcott

“I have been thinking a lot about the tensions between productivity, work life balance and how people define happiness and success in their lives. My current thesis is that very few people get this right and a focus on one can often have consequences for the others. Also, I've been thinking a lot about the concept of kindness in the real world and how it is the opposite to the lack of empathy that I see in a lot of online environments. If that is also something that interests you, get in touch and lets do something about it.”


Brighton, England, United Kingdom

Professional title:

Author, Speaker, Podcaster.

What do you do?

I write books, give talks and host podcasts that help people make space for what matters.


I started my company Think Productive with the aim of revolutionising how people see time management. I recognise there is an awful lot of unnecessary stress in the world in the way people work and think and ever since I have been trying to do something about it. These days what keeps me going is the emails I get back from people who have been on our workshops or read my book or listened to the podcasts and made changes to their lives as a result.

What should we read?

I've heard that How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott is quite good(!). Another book that is well worth checking out is a fictional book by Matt Haig called How to Stop Time.