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Courtney Feider

“Two: #1: Tap the well of who you are, not the trickle someone else assigns you. #2: Create and destroy in equal measure.”


Boise, ID United States

Professional title:

The REN Method - Founder / Creative Disruption Strategist. Fig & Honey - Founder / Maker. My body care line from Fig & Honey is heading into at least two national retail chains in 2016, and The REN Method taking me to London and Scotland.

What do you do?

Using the artist's perspective, I develop new leaders to fill the gap, working with companies around the globe.


I help people unblock creative prohibition and develop their ability to be something greater and more balanced, because it's what I was born to do. It's the one thing that I do very differently from anyone else. I have always been a "50/50" with organization/strategy and interruptive thinking, and this is my time to help other people see the merits of operating from both perspectives.

What should we read?

Mission : How the Best in the Business Break Through : Michael Hayman and Nick Giles


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