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Andy Willis

“Big isn't better, success isn't the size of your business or your bank account, success is the amount of freedom and happiness in your life. It's okay not to work for 8 hours everyday and it's okay to decide not to work at all some days. You don't need someone else to make you happy.”


Tathra, NSW Australia

Professional title:

Unlocker of Freedom - Founder of "Working from Anywhere" & WFA Conference 2016. Conference & Event Organiser - Founder of Conference Complete Small group cycle tours to France - Founder of Cyclerides Australia:

What do you do?

I unlock the freedom for people to be able to fit work around life rather than fitting life around work so they can enjoy a fuller, more complete and meaningful life.


I feel fortunate and grateful that I have the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. Sharing the knowledge and motivation to help others do the same puts fire in my belly. Connecting people, sharing entrepreneurs content, tools and courses, and creating events that will bring it all together for mutual benefit excites me no end.

What should we read?

Totally motivated by "The 4-Hour Work Week" Timothy Ferriss. Followed up with "Escape the 9-5" Ben Angel. More recently Derek Sivers audiobook " Anything you want - 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur", love Derek's simplified, no nonsense, just do it approach. Currently reading "The Idea in You" co-authored by Martin Amor & Alex Pellew.