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Jeff Belkora

“I just sat in the production truck and the broadcast booth for Fox Sports at the Stanford-Notre Dame game. I was struck by how much the production director and broadcast team relied on disposable notes and sketches to plan and execute the broadcast. Reminded me of air traffic controllers, as profiled by Gladwell in The Social Life of Paper (New Yorker article in 1990s), who rely on quick notes and sketches. Even today, nothing beats pen(cil) and paper for disposable sketches.”


San Francisco, CA United States

Professional title:

Researcher, patient advocate, consultant/speaker/trainer. Looking for a software collaborator.

What do you do?

I help people think, talk, read, and write about the most important decisions in their lives.


We, the people, need professionals. We need their specialized expertise to navigate complex terrain. But we need our advisors, doctors, lawyers, therapists etc to be more client-centered. I teach professionals how to provide client-centered guidance, based on 20 years of research and practice running a patient support program at UCSF.

What should we read?

I list some of my favorites on my website at I'll mention two that went out of print for a while but worth digging up: "When Talking Makes Things Worse", by David Stiebel; and "Techniques of Structured Problem Solving", by Arthur Van Gundy.


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