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Dano Manion

“Focus on the process! An idea I have recently revisited. My wonderful Printmaking professor in College, E.C. Cunningham had a profound description of art that to summarize would be, Art is the process of creating something, it’s not the final piece you see on display, what you see on display is merely the artifact of that process. This statement is a good reminder on how I should be spending my time getting better. I should be putting my best effort towards the steps of creation first, over what the final results need to be.”


Denver, CO United States of America

Professional title:

Overall, I'm a Web Designer and Developer and aspiring Entrepreneur. I run a little web shop named Mahtay: and mostly do web freelancing and consulting. I am however starting to work on a web-app idea around the area of personal finance. Recently, my lovely wife and I have become 100% debt free and am trying to find a way to reach out to others so they can accomplish the same goal. If you would like, a little more of my history. In the late 1990's and early 2000's I used to play electronic music under the name Digital Dano and Sonic Flux (No huge success there, but it was fun to play a few shows and make music). A few years ago I co-hosted a podcast called Andy Vs Dano ( which was a weight loss competition. That was a fun project in that I got to wear many hats for things I like to do, audio, web dev, project management to name a few. Through out the years I've worked for various companies doing web dev work ranging from a video startup ( to an IT security company ( to a large online publisher (

What do you do?

I want to make great things while building and maintaining wonderful relationships.


I'm motivated by the creative process, the "what-ifs". I love trying new things, hacking away at ideas just to see if they work. I often like to challenge myself and break away from what's popular to find the alternatives. For example, I deleted my Facebook to see how my personal online behavior would change. I am also motivated by the interactions I have with others, I want my friends to succeed, I want things to be good.

What should we read?

I'm terrible with finishing books, but in more recent history I really liked "The Virgin Way" by Richard Branson and "iWoz" by Steve Wozniak. To add, the book summaries by Fight Mediocrity are amazing