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Ari Koinuma

“You can't have what you are not capable of having. If you want to change your life, what you need to change is the only thing you can change -- you. Not who you are, but what you do, which includes how you think and feel. You can learn to rewrite your subconscious programming/habits so you create capacity to be/have what you previously thought was out of your reach.”


St. Paul, MN United States of America

Professional title:

A prog rock songwriter + blogger

What do you do?

I'm a progressive rock songwriter writing about broken people looking for hope.


Rock music, to me, is the expression of life energy that we all possess deep down, our will to live through difficult times, to heal, change and grow. I believe in that power, which sustains and fuels me. I strive to create such music, and I promote it by writing about life's wisdom found in meaningful songs and sharing what I know about making impactful music.

What should we read?

"Power vs. Force" by David R. Hawkins