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Emile Hung

“Pick the meaning of whatever you do to suit effectively and personally than get weighed down on other conventional norms or pressuring values. You do YOU and be true to that.”


Belmopan, Belize

Professional title:

Creator + Writer + Musician

What do you do?

I enjoy communicating ideas and inspirations through writing, drawing, and music and video productions.


There is a constantly undying nagging within me to share the untold stories or significances from my heart, mind and experiences to help those who need it or who need to remember or be changed at the special time, place and moment.

What should we read?

HOW TO LIVE by Derek Sivers HELL YEAH OR NO by Derek Sivers ANYTHING YOU WANT by Derek Sivers ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear HOW TO THINK LIKE A MONK by Jay Shetty OPEN by Andre Agassi THE THIRD DOOR by Alex Banayan