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Ethan Brooks

“People over-season food either because they think cooking is inherently complicated, or because they're afraid the food won't be respectable unless it at least seems complicated. Neither is true. The same goes for other areas of life.”


Glastonbury, CT United States

Professional title:

Traveling Writer, Learning to Cook

What do you do?

I explore how food can be a gateway to the rest of the world, then write about that.


Crippling anxiety robbed me of my passion for travel. Taking control of my diet fixed that. Food was my path back into the world, and now I want to share that adventure with others who are struggling to overcome something.

What should we read?

Life of Pi by Yann Martel; Like a painting made with words, you can open to any page and read just for the joy of how the language sounds. Best served start-to-finish though.


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