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Ken Theriot

“It often takes a long time - years sometimes - for what you do to gain traction (lots of YouTube subscribers, paying customers, recognition as an authority in your niche, etc.). So if you continue from an internal motivation of helping people and loving what you do (and why), you won’t be disappointed by the lack of quick external paybacks, and you can continue patiently and continually to move forward fueled by a (this may sound corny, but…) purer motivation..”


San Antonio, TX United States of America

Professional title:

The site is designed as a B2C content site with tutorials teaching folks how to record pro audio themselves. So there are no affiliations or clients of note. I do provide content (as Home Brew Audio) to Disc Makers on a regular basis in exchange for sending their promos to my mailing list. Other than that it’s pretty much just me - audio engineer/singer/songwriter/voice actor - who releases music under our indie label “Raven Boy Music” -

What do you do?

Teach regular people - translating the usual audio tech jargon - how to record professional sounding audio from home, getting the best quality from even the cheapest gear.


I discovered - by necessity - how to make professional sounding recordings on my own, without a lot of money for gear or software, and discovered the key was mainly to do with knowledge and not gear. So started Home Brew Audio to teach other people who may not have a lot of money for studio time or expensive gear how they can do it too.

What should we read?

Wow, there are so many. I think the one that’s had the most tangible impact on me has been "The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative Battles” by Steven Pressfield.