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Irina Klyuev

“Everything developed through copy/paste method from genetics through pc to arts. I wonder what else is so universal? Will to power? Identifying patterns maybe?”


Beijing, China

Professional title:

Concert pianist, Artist, Tech oriented, Philosophy, Futurism

What do you do?

I live in the multidisciplinary waters where the imagined and innovative realities delete the word impossible


We live in a fast changing world and we are constantly experiencing more creative ideas. All the technologies, scientific methods and philosophies will reach the point of singularity with art soon, that is why I believe the broad understanding of things around us is instrumental. Generally I am really inspired by the power of internet and how it could be/is used for the overall good, especially when it comes to open source.

What should we read?

NonZero by Robert Wright The Social Animal by David Brooks How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed by Ray Kurzweil