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“My new, highly stimulating, lifestyle has made me bored to tears with television and most form of entertainment that I used to enjoy. I suppose zipping through town on my bike from galleries to picnics to experimental concerts in random people's apartments makes sitting in front of the tv unbearably slow and empty. It feels like fake fun. Now I KNOW that if I am craving to watch tv, it's because I'm not living a fulfilling and meaningful life day to day.”


Los Angeles, CA United States

Professional title:


What do you do?

I write, produce, and perform electronic avant garde music under the name Omniflux between Los Angeles and Berlin


I compose because I'm hungry for expressing myself creatively and I'm obsessed with breaking down walls of conventional thinking and tradition, to present the world, as I see it, with new words, new sounds, new imagery. With weird, strange, beautiful textures. Expand people's thinking and feeling. Also, because nothing makes me feel more alive than when I have a good set on stage.

What should we read?

The Magical Approach : Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living by Jane Roberts. A Guide For The Perplexed by Werner Herzog.


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