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Dodie Jacobi

“My work HAS to be playful! Even the otherwise sloggy parts of my work are made better in the playful company of other joyful creators.”


Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America

Professional title:

Content and venture developer

What do you do?

I develop content about small business and entertainment then collaborate with experts who can distribute these properties at scale for the best possible impact.


I want to spread more widely the same impact I created from my 40-year career working in Greater Kansas City Main Street small business owners. And I have one particular true story I want to bring to the entertain and increase awareness about the sentience of animals.

What should we read?

I'm pondering this is a question: "What part of yourself did you have to destroy in order to survive in this world?" It's a topic explored in this required reading for every human, "Beyond the Gender Binary," by ALOK Vaid-Menon. It will inspire anyone seeking creative authenticity.