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Shannon Avana

“Your children will do as you do more than they will do as you say. Take care of your health.”


San Jose, CA United States

Professional title:

CEO of Permanent Weight Loss Solutions

What do you do?

I help people lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.


Your body, which includes your brain, is the vehicle through which you interact with the world. Having a body that weighs it's most genetically healthy weight is part of overall health, which impacts your energy levels and capability in everything you do; from running, to keeping a coherent line of thought, to happiness levels and emotional stability. It is my belief that helping people gain health and fitness though weight loss is one of the most beneficial things I can dedicate my time and energy to.

What should we read?

Weight Loss Solutions: Higher Minded Eating with Concentrated Food Sources by Shannon Avana, Margaret Schlesinger and Joe Gary


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