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Nan Crowe Bieneman

“Ask yourself about your relationship with your surroundings. Most of us spend most of our time indoors. Is there something you can do inside to feel more connected to the natural world outside? Think of yourself as a gardener, and try to think of what you can do in your life, within your means, to serve nature at large. What do you need to do to stimulate your sight, the sounds you hear, the scents you smell, the places you touch, and the food and drinks that you taste? Why not try to stimulate all of your senses while you’re awake?”


Madison, Wisconsin, United States of America

Professional title:

Business Owner, Collaborative Artist, Music Lover, and Guitar Playing Mom

What do you do?

Promoting well-being, while seeking to bring forth a sustainable, just, and flourishing world.


I want to add more joy and love to my customers' lives.

What should we read?

Patterns of Connection by Fritjof Capra