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Marc Lendrasses

“Peter Sloterdijk has just developed the idea that the main engine of Western civilization is anger. This is very interesting and not very honourable. But paradoxically, I observe that other peoples, who would like to be fundamentally wiser, are taking this attitude in their turn today .”


Toulouse, France

Professional title:

tourism entertainer

What do you do?

I am trying to revitalize rural and peri-urban areas from a tourist point of view.


Rural territories are the great forgotten of the the 21st century in France : it is impossible to let die these living memories of our history. This is why I looking for initiatives taken elsewhere in the world in terms of tourism, to motivate people to take back their territory.

What should we read?

fear and loathing in las vegas by Hunter s Thompson (I'm sorry, but it's so well written and funny !)