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Sukhneet Singh

“We create our personal world we live in through our thoughts. Our thoughts influence our actions, which influence other people's reactions, and we only see a sliver of people's full selves when we interact. It's possible to go through life blind to the impact we have on others.”


Seattle, WA United States

Professional title:

Director of Operations at Advanced Eyecare Solutions. Consultant for businesses (focus in management, marketing, brand, vision, culture). Podcast host at Riff Raff. Commercial building manager. Early execution stage startup advisor.

What do you do?

I empower the fullest expression of people's best selves.


I believe that in order to thrive (or even survive) on this pale blue dot we need to shift towards a resource based economy. My entire life and work is oriented towards forwarding that vision. It's time the structures of our society promote rather than diminish life.

What should we read?

“The Best That Money Can't Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War” by Jacque Fresco


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