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Robbi Crawford

“I can have a life of permanent peace, permanent joy, permanent happiness, where love rushes up inside of me anytime I want; I just have to let go and make the decision once and for all that this is what I deeply desire. Mind blowing message courtesy of "The Untethered Soul." So grateful for this message!”


Kennesaw, GA United States

Professional title:

Professional Mentor / Fierce Student Advocate / Sociologist

What do you do?

I help students play the college game better.


I'm so tired of students being duped into believing that college is THE answer; it's an answer, but it's never THE answer to success on your own terms. Students are my favorite people; I'm compelled to support, encourage, inspire and hold space for them to explore self and contribution options, and thrive. This work lights me up across the board!

What should we read?

A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward An Undivided Life by Parker J. Palmer


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