Jeremy dePrisco

“One person can make all the difference, for good or ill.”


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Professional title:

Digital Media Specialist / IT Project Manager

What do you do?

Essentially, I guide people to make the connections they need to make to realize their goals, be they technical, creative or otherwise. I’ve found I am a very good catalyst to making cool things happen. Sometimes I benefit directly from this, other times not, but that's OK.


Technology drives a lot of what I do. I like to help people get *over* technology. Get over the hype, and the hurdles it puts in our path. Just because technology is available, I don't think that it is always the solution. Often it’s just the beginning of a larger problem to be solved.

What should we read?

Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill Glimpse After Glimpse by Sogyal Rinpoche The Act of Creation by Arthur Koestler