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Zsolt Babocsai

“Over the long haul, you tend to gravitate back towards deeply ingrained habits (eating junk food, not exercising etc.). Only a clear set of rules, regular reflection and a good amount of emotional investment will stop old habits from re-emerging. Armed with that knowledge, there is no habit you can't change.”


Budapest, Hungary

Professional title:

Digital marketer, entrepreneur.

What do you do?

I share knowledge about better lifestyle choices and distribute food that helps make them. I also write about whatever excites me.


Improving people's health, quality and length of life is the most fundamental problem. If I can contribute to solving it, awesome. I write because its therapy and fun for me and potentially useful for others.

What should we read?

“Hooked: A Guide to Building Habit Forming Products” - Nir Eyal. “Predictably Irrational” - Dan Ariely. “The outsider” - Albert Camus. “Flow” - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. “Eat to Live” - Joel Fuhrman. “China Study” - T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell “The Power of Habits Richard Duhigg. “Herbario” - Sándor Márai “Embers” - Sándor Márai