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Federico Tobon

“As an introvert I don't dislike social interaction, but when I engage too much I need to rest. It seems like my mind and body are just too alert during those times, and they want to keep on being alert when it's not appropriate to be so alert (like when trying to sleep).”


Los Angeles, California, United States of America

Professional title:

Video Maker at

What do you do?

I make things, hopefully delightful things, often weird things.


I love working with my hands and finding the connection between mediums and endeavors. Like the ways in which working, for example, with clay, is similar to sewing.

What should we read?

Oh, I re-read Tehanu by Ursula K. LeGuin recently and it's such a great reflection from the perspective of a woman inside a high fantasy world. I didn't get it when I was younger.