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Pixel Stone

“I often wished I was as creative as when I was younger. Now, when I try to face a new project, I think of all the versions of me in the past whispering to me of what I learned as I create something new. And so I have realized that the creativity has never left me, but manifested into something new.”


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Professional title:

Multimedia Artist | Engineering and Environmental Studies Student

What do you do?

I experiment with new media to learn more about how we share the stories of the environment as it impacts the formation of our identities and networks.


I believe another world is possible, and that another world is already here. If we lean into one another, this world and all the rocks and trees and bees in it, we can find solace.

What should we read?

Abolition Is Not a One Time Event: Prison Doulas as Catalysts by geunsaeng (olivia) ahn