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Didier J. MARY

““Je suis dissemblable à tout autre. Je ne ressemble à personne au monde. Je ne serai peut-être pas meilleur, mais du moins je suis différent.” - Jean-Jacques Rousseau”


Abomey-Calavi, Atlantique, Benin

Professional title:

Global Management, Consulting and Project Development - Freelance consulting

What do you do?

I help companies go through Change Management & Digital Transformation 🚀 in West Africa


There's a real need to coach and mentor companies so that they can manage the complex world we're all heading to. I aggregate (and try to write down) a lot of information to achieve the best of what can be done...

What should we read?

There are too many... ;-) Check my blog for interesting or fun stuff and my 1st "novel" is available there...