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Robert Pop

“Transformation always comes with a cost, but our entire life is, ultimately, about being a wise investor of time. So how you manage your time determines the quality and speed of your personal progress. — Robert”


London, England United Kingdom

Professional title:

Mentor, Creative Consultant, Lifestyle Blogger, Content Creator, Aspiring Entrepreneur, Singer. ENTJ

What do you do?

I promote emotionally healthy spirituality and teach people how to live in simplicity, wholeness and balance.


I am passionate about helping people grow and accomplish great things. I love seeing people unleash their true potential and then embark on a journey of dreaming big, while discovering how to grow emotionally healthy souls and live with purpose.

What should we read?

Know Your Why by Ken Costa; Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist; The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge;


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