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Ray Holroyd

“Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life. We achieved this last year by becoming a self-employed full-time musician couple, and we are forever grateful. However, what that quote fails to mention is that when you make a living from doing what you love, it's actually far harder to create a balanced life, as you don't ever want a day off!”


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Professional title:

Composer. Performer. Producer. Lecturer. Author.

What do you do?

We use the power of music to inspire positive change, through composing & producing, to teaching & developing.


Growing up in apartheid South Africa, I was surrounded by people of all colours united through music, and only music. Black and white together in harmony, like the keyboard of a piano, that was my introduction to the power of music and why access to music education should be a human right. Ever since my African childhood, I've been obsessed with making music that inspires people, and teaching others how to do that too!

What should we read?

'Anything You Want' by the genius himself, Derek Sivers