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Joshua Seymour

“Old Age can be defined as a simple equation that is calculated by the body each and every day of your life. Amount of Energy Consumed vs Amount of Energy Generated = The Degradation or Regeneration of the Body”


Oaxaca, Mexico

Professional title:

Lifestyle Entrepreneur – Guru Creator, Life Changer, World Changer, Game Changer

What do you do?

I post some of the Best Lifestyle Blogs that move you forward to achieve your goals, I host the Best Friend Challenge (with a twist) that helps you win more ideal friends, and I test Lifestyle Business Ideas that multiply revenues with fewer clients and no stress.


I want to Win More Ideal Friends. I want to Be My Own Guru. I want to Change My Life. I want to Change Your Life. I want to Change Our World. I want to Change The Game.

What should we read?

The Prime Cure: The Definitive Treatment to Curing Aging & Discovering Eternal Youth by Mark Hamilton


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