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Monty Harper

“As an independent musician I can no longer expect to turn a profit by investing in a recording, then selling copies. However, I can find many ways of doing this backwards: get paid up front, then make the recording, then share it with the world.”


Stillwater, OK United States

Professional title:

Freelance songwriter and children’s performer.

What do you do?

I use songs and songwriting to help children develop creativity, a sense of wonder, and critical thinking skills. Lately this means writing songs inspired by interviews with scientists about their current research.


I’m drawn to the magic of songwriting; melding words and music together creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. I work with children because I relate to them well, and because they are our future. Every child is worth every ounce of investment we can manage!

What should we read?

Don’t Be Such a Scientist, by Randy Olson.


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