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Eric Beaty

“Sometimes you just have to push through a creative block. Do something creative, even if you don't exactly know what. Just start with your favorite activity/pastime and don't stop, even for your own inner critic, until you feel creative release.”


Cookeville, Tennessee, United States of America

Professional title:

Singer/songwriter, Professional musician/guitarists, Amazon Bestselling Author, Ordained Minister, Creator of several guitar instructional courses, popular YouTube guitarist, Entrepreneur

What do you do?

I strive to help others discover their own creative voices in the world through my books, stories, music, and more.


I love the emotional release I get from great books and stories and from music that pulls on my artist's heartstrings. I strive to pattern my creativity in this same vein so that others may experience this wonderful catharsis.

What should we read?

The Artist's Way by Julie Cameron. A masterful creative companion if there ever was one.