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Karina Van Ron

“‘Be yourself, everyone else is taken.’ — Karina Van Ron”


Los Angeles, CA United States

Professional title:

Recording Artist, Actress, Filmscript writer, Bassist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Photographer

What do you do?

I turn everyday life into art . Always have been a dedicated Environmentalist, Humanitarian and believe in Peace, Culture and Education. Also an eternal muse and daydreamer.


I believe in transforming poison into medicine, and art does exactly that. It takes everything that is broken and turns it into something that helps , inspires and heals . If there is nothing wrong, then it is just a reflection or perception. However, If I can help get someone through their day (good or bad) , then I feel my work is rewarding on a deep level.

What should we read?

The Doors of Perception ; Heaven and Hell By Aldous Huxley


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