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Tim McKenna

“You can't help others if you, yourself are broken. This is part of the reason why I am working on myself with my therapist and psychiatrist.”


Carlisle, PA United States

Professional title:

Design Director for Harrisburg University of Science & Technology in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I also run a small studio called Azrael Group, where it's mostly my freelance work but I have a small circle of trusted designers, copywriters and developers that I work with on big projects. I am the Past President of AIGA Central PA.

What do you do?

"I strive to become a better person so that I can help others do the same."


I grew up very isolated and alone until middle school, where I started to finally make friends. My friends taught me about things that I was always interested in like Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Sci-Fi stories and really cool artwork. I appreciated them and I learned that I enjoyed helping others at a young age. I absolutely believe I found my calling as a creative professional, whether design, development or artwork and I have had some tremendous experiences in my life such as traveling abroad and working with great people who taught me a lot. I know that my success comes from equal parts hard work, determination, luck, and knowing the right people. Five years ago, I had my first intern when I was working at local magazine. I wanted him to succeed and have the same chances I had so I worked with him above and beyond what the internship offered and introduced him to many different ideas and people. He's been working in-house at a national machine and control company ever since his internship ended and he's risen through the ranks there. He told me that he appreciated all of the work and advice I gave him. That moment helped sparked a mission in me. If I can use my abilities to help others, it's my responsibility to do so.

What should we read?

Burn Your Portfolio - Michael Janda


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