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Andy Ferguson

“There is a difference between what I do to pay the bills and what I actually _do_, but both of them are valuable and help me grow as a person.”


Birmingham, England United Kingdom

Professional title:

IT Service Delivery Manager at the University of Birmingham.

What do you do?

Tailoring IT solutions to academic requirements and training and coaching the students who will become the next generation of IT professionals and the IT professionals who will become the next generation of leaders and managers.


I believe that good technology (and knowing how to use it properly) makes us more productive, more effective, and just better at everything we do. I received a great education, and learned to do a wide variety of useful things, and I want to put some of that back. I also want to to promote the idea that being good at IT and being a good writer and speaker are not mutually exclusive. Everyone can do a bit of everything, and we all have untapped talents we could explore further.

What should we read?

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


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