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Matt McBrayer

“On losing my iPhone and the realizations that came shortly thereafter - (full article on my blog : "It was crazy to see. It was crazy to realize that for all the times I spend texting and driving, I am missing out on my own memories. I'm forgetting places and emotions that I love and want to see/feel again. And I'm exchanging all of that for the screentime I share with no one. I'm trading human experience for alone time in public with my iPhone."”


Tampa, FL United States

Professional title:

Door to door salesman

What do you do?

Day: sell food to restaurants, Night: make music, create YouTube videos, play with my kids


I work to make a bunch of money and because I'm good at it. I play music because I love learning new instruments with strings. I write for my own sanity, and also to help people, and honestly, because I probably seek validation. I make videos because it's fun, and to share family moments with the people I love that I can't see everyday.

What should we read?

"We Learn Nothing" by Tim Kreider - Audiobook


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