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Brant Huddleston

“One of my guests, a witch, reminded me that energy is never created nor destroyed -- it just changes form. As a university trained engineer, I understood that scientifically, but until that moment, it never occurred to me that it might also apply to my soul.”


Richmond, VA United States

Professional title:

Agile trained project manager and international sales professional

What do you do?

I interview thoughtful people about death and dying, if and how we will be remembered, why men struggle, and about what lies beyond death.


I seek to boldly explore the journey from life to the afterlife in a lively and open way so we are better able to accept it, plan for a beautiful one, and most importantly, embrace every precious moment of that journey as a miraculous gift to be savored and cherished. An unflinching look at death helps me to be rooted in being, fully present, and living in the NOW.

What should we read?

Map of Dreams by Paul Coruso


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