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Kahan James

“People are becoming neurons. Connection strength is more important to survival than individual natural instinct. The brain we're forming is the future of the post-human intelligent collective: a network of individually firing votes For or Against that yield an outsize, emergent consciousness. At risk are individualism and our concept of humanity; what's to be gained remains to be seen. What would the single-cells have said if you traveled back to the primordial ooze and showed them their fate, embodied in you?”


Brooklyn, NY United States

Professional title:

Music producer and actor.

What do you do?

I give form to the creative expression of others through creative expression of my own.


I produce music because it allows me to practice my greatest passion and purest talent while helping others to realize their creative dreams, which takes most of the selfishness out of it for me. I act because it's fun, weird and unpredictable; because it makes me face myself and others constantly; and because I'm lucky enough to be able to practice it as a career.

What should we read?

"Why Twitter's Dying (And What You Can Learn From It)" by Umair Haque


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