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Ryan Carter

“I have learned that I am actually better off doing 18 things at once. I am not a serial but parallel person, preferring to do it all at once, do it well, and do it fast. Boredom is my biggest enemy. There shouldn't be a speed limit that I acknowledge, but I am still working on the best ways to ignore it.”


Denver, CO United States

Professional title:

Senior Software Engineer @ Charter Communications. Founder of Overthink. Writer. Drummer. Insatiable Nerd.

What do you do?

I write front-end code. I teach and distill complex technology.


I want to open up the world of possibilities to everyone through technology and software. This is analogous to modern magic.

What should we read?

A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle & Foundation - Isaac Asimov


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